ART4AID offers artistic photography for purchase in our “Buy Art” section. These are depictions of the landscapes and personalities we encountered in our travels and would make ideal framed artwork for you office, store, home or as a gift. The proceeds from these sales are used to fund our projects to raise awareness of social issues through our documentaries and photo exhibits. You can take comfort in the knowledge that your purchase has helped shine a light on important themes and that you have obtained a unique and exotic work of artistic photography. Should you find a photo in another gallery that you wish to purchase and that is not offered for sale in the “Buy Art” section , please let us know, and we will be happy to accommodate you.



ART4AID is always welcoming artists who want to join our mission to reach a wider audience through art by collaborating with us and contribute their artistic skills on our projects around the world and/or by selling their artwork on our website.

The artists will have the chance to be part of something greater than themselves and be conscious that their artwork will affect people in a very real and profound way. The artistic value of the work will be augmented by the purpose and people it will reach.

Artists need to contact us so we can discuss how they can contribute.