We received the privilege and honor to film a Maasai rite of passage ceremony called Eunoto. This event took place during the last week of December 2012 and first week of January 2013, in a remote community called Lolgorien, in Kenya’s Rift Valley.

This invitation came as a result of the work that ART4AID did with another Maasai community, helping local schools with supplies and funding and assisting in community specific projects. This work was highlighted during a photography exhibit called “Olosho Le-Maasai ” at The National Arts Club in New York City on November 29th 2012, which was endorsed by the Kenyan and Italian Missions to the United Nations.

The Eunoto ceremony happens every seven years and marks the end of warrior-hood for an age group that will graduate into the junior elders stage of their life. We are currently in the post-production phase and the documentary will be ready soon.


To capture the Eunoto ceremony on film which is a significant rite of passage and a vital part of the life of the Maasai people and help to preserve this piece of Maasai cultural heritage for future generations in the face of a rapidly changing world.


In addition to the visually stunning footage of the ritual, the documentary also features interviews, in the native language with English subtitles, of 4 Maasai warriors, their chief, their mothers and of the spiritual leaders in charge of the ceremony. This adds another dimension to the project by enhancing the viewer’s experience with a greater connection to the people in the film and their hopes and dreams.


To generate global awareness about the Maasai culture, its struggle as a tribe and the importance of its anthropological heritage by filming the Eunoto rite of passage ceremony.  This is a unique and culturally rich event for the African people, who, collectively, are being victimized by globalization. A secondary objective is to highlight the importance of education about and for these remote communities to facilitate cultural preservation.  Our hope is fully engage the viewer by exulting the humanity of the Maasai through the rich cultural tradition of the Eunoto.