Dear Carlo,

First, I would like to let you know that, I’m so happy and grateful to have met you in person and also to get to work together and fit us into your organization(ART4AID) which brought light or rather way to my community.

If you can take a minute and just stay quite you might be able to hear voices of the children who you managed to visit in their local Schools and donate the small things you brought from the USA still shouting “ASHE OLENG’’(thank you very much) and that it meant a lot to them as well as to me. You’ve became famous at the village and almost every child now talks of Carlo(Kalo-going in Maa). They don’t only talk of themselves going but they also talk of you being a person who goes to help.

Your support toward education brought a big change that left many to learn a lesson and many to ask themselves a big question why not us to help ourselves ? The Schools which had classrooms that had no blackboards are now enjoying the new ones that you donated instead of using scrap metal to teach. The encyclopedias, novels and the story books have really helped the children and to sharpen and open their minds and to learn that there is so much in the World that they didn’t know. Even the notebooks, pens and pencils have helped a lot and you have no idea how many children miss their classes every day because of either a pencil or a note book!

The Soccer balls were the most exciting donation to the children which many of them never had a chance to kick because of lack of enough balls, they have always shared and the big children take advantage of the young ones.

About the Solar lamps, many thought it was just another luxurious that they didn’t have and until later when they learnt that it was very unhygienic the way the children study at knight using light from either fire wood or kerosene lamps for those who can afford. Every family now wishes to have a solar lamp for their children to study at night after seeing all the advantages and the difference it brought to the children that were lucky to get them.

Generally, the welfare of children of Loita seems to have been targeted the most by ART4AID and especially the Girls children who are the most disadvantaged in our society. I want to thank you very much for agreeing to give sponsorships to some Girls who couldn’t have gone or continued with their education if it were not for ART4AID who just came in the right time and helped the poor girls.

Last but not the least I want to thank ART4AID for coming in and give a hand to MAA while supporting the Loita Maasai, who seems to have been left behind and marginalized for a long time.


Sincerely yours,


Jonas Ole Putwai

Founder and  volunteering MAA Director.